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Since the launch of world's first parking bay booking system in 2005, Encarp is providing innovative parking solutions to parking industry.

Today, Encarp offers its many award winning Employee Parking and Locker Management System while offering a decade of intellectual capital to develop innovative parking solutions for parking industry.

Encarp is leading independent vendors that integrates off-the-shelf, SaaS software products, custom software for parking industry, integration of disparate parking systems such as boom gates, ticketing, pay by phone, payment gateways, parking guidance systems (PGS), infringement management, enforcement software, license plate recognition, face recognition, cameras, RFID, near field communication (NFC), barcodes and ticketing, security, mobile apps, online booking, bay booking, city council parking display, parking surveys etc.

 Encarp endeavours provide its clients fully integrated systems that are easy to use, efficient and boost productivity, increased revenues and decreased costs.

Good Parking, Locker and Space Management Software

Encarp products and solutions are devised for easing parking management for Parking Operators, Owners, Facility and Property Managers. While doing so, they ease parking for end users who find it easy to get all the information about parking in one place.

Encarp is  equally at ease to manage employee lockers and space such as computer server racks for datacenters and is deployed to ease space management in varied areas.

Documented studies prepared by our clients indicate that Encarp saves between 30-90% of operational time and through productivity and better use of parking spaces. It saves millions of dollars on employee parking in corporate and government sector. This makes it a very good software for managing employee parking, lockers and other niche parking applications.

Paradoxically, the product is designed to boost revenues of parking operators through optimal use of parking assets and implementing new initiatives at fraction of costs normally incurred by parking vendors when the activities are carried out in-house. This is achieved through quick to implement systems to manage bays to corporate and government customers and online marketing

All the software you need for parking

Encarp makes intelligent use of technology and innovations to develop innovative solutions for managing parking or easing parking for users. We cover parking surveys, management solutions, parking equipment integration such as boom gates, parking ticketing machines, parking guidance systems, payment gateways, online ticketing solutions and our parking portal that covers all kind of parking such as commercial, city council, off street, on street etc.

Encarp Portfolio

Encarp is a parking technology company. We are always exploring to make better use of current and emerging technologies such as smart devices, cloud, pay by phone, RFID, sensors etc. We make use of our technology expertise and domain knowledge of parking, facility management, corporate and government business to deliver solutions for parking and locker that reduce costs of operations. We are proud to be Gold and Silver Certified Partner of Microsoft and Oracle. These partnerships enables us and our customers to remain in forefront of technology.

Apply leading edge technologies to parking, locker and space management

To develop leading solutions, Encarp relies on competencies and elevated relationships with leading technology vendors such as Adobe (presentation and documentation), Autodesk (engineering design and presentation), Hortonworks (big data databases), Kendo UI (visualisation tools), Keylines (data analytics and visualisation), MAPR (big data solutions), Microsoft (programming, databases and integrating technologies), MicroStrategy (data visualisation tools), MongoDB (big data database that we use in almost all projects now), Oracle (Programming, Data and integration technologies), Yarcdata (big data computing). Our alliances with almost all other leading players such as IBM, Pay by Phone, SAP, Sensor Dynamics, Sensen Networks etc. enable us integrate seamless solutions for our clients.

Encarp technology partners

Victorian Government eServices Panel member for Software Design and Development. We provide our expertise to lower your operational time and save costs by developing systems for managing your space, parking, Lockers for better utilisation of your assets and clear visibility of portfolio.

Development Centre in Melbourne

Encarp Software is developed in Melbourne Australia. Our Melbourne Software Development Centre has highly competent resources, generally tertiary qualified, experienced and with certifications in Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Prince 2, PMP , ITIL, Autodesk, CISCO and other vendors. While Encarp is our flagship product, we also develop software for our clients who need highly reliable yet competitive software services in Australia. Most important reason for entrusting software or products development or supports lies in our business analysis skills and ability to quickly understand software requirements and provide a fixed price quote with committed timeframes.

Our Advantage

Our advantage lies in competitiveness of our offer that are structured to meet your technical and commercial needs. When implemented, you will have the benefit of high productivity and low maintenance costs. Documented case studies on our developed award winning products indicate a savings up to 90% at a fraction of originally thought budgets.

Our agile and holistic software development approach ensures you have a well-designed and an easy to use highly productive system. We have often worked on projects from concept stage. We offer you quality services at costs tuned exactly to your needs. This is advantage of developing Software in Melbourne Australia and we have more people considering us for their software projects to be developed in Australia.

Why wait? call us now and see the difference

Exploit Coexl technology expertise in MS, VBA, .Net, Oracle Fusion, Oracle Middleware, RFID and Mapping Applications

If you are looking to manage your parking operations better, save costs and lots of time, we are just a call away. We invite you make use of the best competencies in parking and locker management software development in the best place in the world. Please call Steve at (03) 9886 7241, email - steve@encarp.com.au to discuss your software and IT requirements and how we can assist you.