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Ease Employee Parking
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Innovative Parking

Since 2006, Encarp is developing low cost, highly reliable innovative parking solutions to ease parking for airports, businesses, city councils, resorts, employees and employers, government, hotels and serviced apartments, hospitals, education, shopping centers and malls, TAFE and universities, resorts etc. We were pioneers in 'bay booking systems'. This experience enables us implement any parking solutions within 8 weeks e.g. employee parking, develop fully integrated systems for parking, boom gates, cameras, chat bots, IoT, license plate recognition (LPR) system, permit parking, council parking display for general public, pay by phone systems, infringement and enforcement, integrated event + parking tickets, face and video recognition, artificial intelligence and big data analytics.

Employee PARKING

Encarp offers an award winning employee parking software. It has won several accolades since 2006 and was runners up in the 2011 FMA Annual Awards for best use of technology. Client prepared case studies indicate up to 85% reduction in operational workload and savings of 40-60% in parking costs through the use of Encarp's optimised use of parking bays and savings in Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT). It is the only software that provides accurate calculation for FBT with a few mouse clicks and key strokes. Today, the product comes with easy to use apps, low cost automated entry technology to integrate with existing boom gates / entry point, maintaining privacy and confidentiality and many others. The product facilitates several scenarios for employee parking allocation included but not limited to rosters, in-tandem (in time or bays), rotation, group allocation and many others.

Car Park

Encarp Employee Parking Software provides different variants to manage parking in corporate business, government, hospital, university or other workplaces. This is because we recognise that while parking management requirements are similar, there are marked differences in the way parking is managed, allocated, charged, paid for and enforced (as applicable) within different environments such as government and business.

The software is visual and provides digitised layouts of parking, the ability to view user details, make bookings or allocations and allows in tandem, visitor, contractor, group, shift worker parking. It can be integrated with your Active Directory, ERP or CRM systems for a seamless exchange of information and reconciliation of payments. You can implement your parking operation methods, no matter how complex e.g. rostering, alternate booking, token, pass, access card, automatic deduction of payment, enabling employees to share parking allocation with automated cost sharing, permanent or temporary bookings, reduce parking FBT, link with carpooling, etc.

Our software is an easy to implement system offered on a SaaS model. It is offered on a subscription basis on 1, 3 or 5 year agreements. Encarp involves a small or zero upfront customisation cost followed by annual subscription fee payable monthly, quarterly or annually, depending upon the number of bays in use per month. This is very cost effective because a bay may be used by many users. Regular software upgrades are included in this cost. As the software is hosted and managed by us, there are no additional costs


Employee locker management extends the employee parking system to allocate lockers to employees. This is especially helpful in hot desking environments. A user can be enabled for either or both the parking and locker systems.

For lockers, users can view location of lockers with their allocated locker highlighted. The locker administrators can keep track of key numbers including electronic keys. Both of these are securely managed.

The ability to save attributes makes it used for space management such as rackservers in datacentres, room and vehicle booking and many more.

Innovative Parking

Any Parking Solution in Eight Weeks

Since 2006, Encarp has been in forefront of parking innovation. During these years we have amassed huge intellectual capital and can deliver any parking application within 8 weeks.  This may involve Apps, integration between disparate systems, employee parking, council parking, permits, IoT, integrated ticket (event + parking), parking owners, apartment parking etc. All our quotes are 'Fixed Cost' and 'Fixed Time'. You may pay upfront or stagger over 1 to 5 years monthly payments on an SaaS basis!

Our Parking solutions are known for ease of use and high reliability.

The solution integrate disparate systems such as: In-house ERP, Financials, Cameras, Boom Gates, Parking Infringement and Enforcement, Pay By Phone Systems, Bay Booking Systems etc. Some of these integrated solutions are:

Council Parking: automated display of council parking and messages on the web to assist users on parking availability (C-Park) | Integrated Parking Booking System involving cameras, in-house ERP, Financial systems, Infringement Enforcement Process | Integrated Permit Parking for Councils Residents

Event Parking: Integrated 'Event and Parking' Tickets for Event Venues such as cinemas, stadiums, theaters. The system enables our clients to issue event tickets with parking tickets. To do so, we integrate your ticketing system with boom gate / barrier, ticketing machines and other systems as needed.

Hospital Parking parking for hospital staff, manage shifts, top up cards, salary sacrifice and FBT, discounted or free parking as per rules, Single Sign On, infringement, enforcement, boom gate and internal system integration, reconciliation, easy management through visual tools

Hotel - Serviced Apartment Parking: Valet Parking for Hotels | Guest Parking for Hotels and Serviced Apartments | integration with your room booking system for payment and invoicing, visual layouts | radio sensor based low cost parking guidance system (PGS)

Shopping Centre - Mall Parking: Permit Parking for Shopping centres| managing parking for shift workers, contractors etc. | radio sensor based low cost parking guidance system (PGS)

TAFE - University Parking: Integrated Permit Parking for TAFE & University faculty, staff and students. This may involve free or discounted parking, salary sacrifice for staff and FBT (if applicable), integration with ticketing machines, pay by phone system, Single Sign On (SSO), infringement system, boom gates with low cost LPR

Other Parking Solutions: integrated parking for airports | radio sensor based low cost parking guidance system (PGS) |Parking data analytics | migration of archaic and legacy parking systems to next generation systems within fixed cost and budgets | develop new next generation systems exploiting technologies such as video recognition, occupancy , vacancy | Employees parking involving rosters, permits, shifts | Parking Owners Management System to manage parking assets across multiple vendors, agreements and receivables | and many other.

Server Rack and Space Allocation, Booking and Management: The system is also used to manage computer server racks and space such as booking meeting rooms for allocating space to different parties.

We are in a position to implement these or any custom next generation solution implemented within 4-12 weeks!

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Why reinvent the wheel? We are pioneers in software for parking industry and we have the technology and knowhow for next generation systems. Exploit this to save costs and time and stay ahead of the competition!

. Encarp was established as a division within Envision IT in 2006 to deliver innovative parking solutions. Since then, we have developed intellectual capital in online booking and ticketing systems, low cost parking sensors and guidance systems, big data in parking, highly efficient systems to optimise parking use, provide information to drivers and parking managers, automated implementation of rules, integration with parking devices, equipment such as boom gates, payment gateways, CRM, ERP, etc.

We now provide this expertise for the parking industry's entrepreneurs and veterans. This involves integration or development of integrated solutions. Some of our developed solutions for the parking industry include 'Mt Hotham Alpine Resort' Recon and 'Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort' City Council, which manage parking collection and reconciliation of payments received, the integration of event ticket with parking for 'Sydney Olympic Park (SOPA)' and many more. On Employee Parking Management, we have clients such as 'Telstra', 'Victorian Government', 'Aurecon', 'ONE ONE ONE Eagle Street' and many more.

Envision IT - Encarp is member of 'Parking Association of Australia (PAA)' and displayed its products in Parking Conventions in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014. Since 2014, most of our products are sold through partners while we continue to sell 'Employee Parking Management Software and Solutions'. Envision IT - Encarp is 100% Australian Owned and Operated business.

The business is led by Steve Bungay , Director and Savita Bungay , Director. All our development activities are carried out in our Mount Waverley, VIC (Melbourne Suburb) Australia based development centre. Our cloud servers for Australian clients are located in Australia.

Fully Integrated

Encarp is fully featured and integrated, making it perfect any parking operations, management and user needs.

World Class

Our software is competitive in the global arena.


We are dedicated to innovation and our software is a reflection of our passion.

100% Australian

Encarp is 100% Australian owned and carries out all development tasks in Australia! Our datacenter is in Australia for Australian and other clients. Options of datacenter in other nations available.


Placed below are details of projects implemented for some of our clients. Please contact us for case studies for Shopping Center, Airport, Hospital, University and TAFE Parking


If you are looking to manage your parking operations better, save costs and lots of time, we are just a click away. We invite you make use of the best competencies in parking and locker management software development, from the best place in the world. Alternatively, you may call us on (03) 9886 7241