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As with everyone else, parking industry is also evolving with changing times. While at one end old styled faithful coin meters remain in service, other side is catching up and staying ahead with times. We are now seeing innovative solutions in parking, from credit card accepting roadside parking meters to parking guidance systems in shopping centres. It is now possible to book parking on the mobile and operators can offer specials on mobile!

Encarp makes innovation easy. When dealing with us, you need not worry about technology issues. As technology company, we across technology domains to develop and deliver your new projects within fixed costs and time. We are confident and are happy to start with your concept or idea and deliver you a fully functional product. When still trying to sell an idea, we are happy to develop design specifications, Proof of Concept or prototypes. We will bring best practice solutions for your consideration and implement them.

We offer you systems that are:

  1. Easy to Use and Efficient: We provide you with systems that are simple, easy to use and efficient.
  2. Span all technologies and are truly Integrated: The systems span all technologies such as mobile apps, big data, analytics, parking Equipment, devices including enforcement and infringement, License Plate Recognition (LPR), Parking Guidance System (PGS, Payment Gateway, Cameras or any other system that you need.
  3. Developed within Smaller Budgets and Shorter Timeframes: With a decade of intellectual capital under our belt and wider industry knowledge,  we will be able to develop and deliver your projects at a fraction of costs that you may incur in-house or outsourcing to others. Our systems are marked by very high quality and reliability.
  4. Graphical and Visual: We will develop systems that are graphical and visually appealing. This will create interest in users while keeping them efficient.
  5. Extend the Reach with Mobile: Not just static systems, we will extend them to popular mobile devices to keep overall costs low for deploying your solutions and better acceptance.
  6. Develop New Innovative Systems for Parking: Ask us to develop easy to use systems for Parking Management, Parking Surveys, Cameras, Infringement, Online Sales, Stadium Parking and and many other products that you may have in mind but fear of costs and time holding you. It is possible that the solution that you are looking for is already available with us.

Why wait? call us now and see the difference

Exploit Coexl technology expertise in MS, VBA, .Net, Oracle Fusion, Oracle Middleware, RFID and Mapping Applications

If you are looking to manage your parking operations better, save costs and lots of time, we are just a call away. We invite you make use of the best competencies in parking and locker management software development in the best place in the world. Please call Steve at (03) 9886 7241, email - to discuss your software and IT requirements and how we can assist you.