Our Products

Envision IT has so far developed 100+ software and Integrated products for our clients and ourselves.

Envision IT markets its own products and some of them are in use in the industry since 2003. Of these products, Encarp is well-known to the parking industry. Envision Carpooling is our oldest program running since 2003 and being updated to latest technologies of the day. Audispect is our latest software that is easing 'Audits and Inspections' process for our clients.

Besides these products, we have products for integrated parking management, low cost parking guidance system, valet parking, hotel and serviced apartment parking management, parking sensors and more.

Audispect: Audits and Inspection Software

Audispect - Audits and Inspections Software

Our Audits and Inspections software provides an easy, tablet (iPad, Surface, Android) device front end oriented system to conduct Audits and Inspections. The software integrates to conventional systems such as ERP, CRM at the backend while providing a flexible large data storage analytics capability in the middle.

Organisations save 40-80% of their time by using this software as it provides an integrated process, eliminating the need to manually import or export data or information, ability to enter Audit information in an easy structured manner, ability to stream line entire audits and inspections in a few weeks through flexible prescription process.

Envision & TravelSmart Carpooling

Envision & TravelSmart Carpooling Programs are designed to facilitate Carpooling in Workplaces and Communities. These carpooling programs are stepping stones for a workplace or community's journey towards sustainable practices. The programs are Internet / Internet based and use on MS .Net, Mapping, Databases, IIS and Email system of customer.

Envision and Carpooling programs are regularly upgraded and the current versions offer smooth Silverlight controls and interesting use of Mapping for making Carpool Matches. more>>

Envision Green Travel

Envision Green Travel takes the Carpooling a step further and the program involves both the people who want to carpool as well those who use other modes of green travel e.g. walking, cycling or using public transport. This is a Recognition and Rewards based program that recognises the effort put in by participants and rewards them.

Envision Green Travel is one of the most popular programs today. Its current version supports multiple organisations, smooth Silverlight controls, dashboards and interesting use of Mapping for making Carpool Matches. more>>

Going Places

Going Places provides a platform for building community around sustainability. The program involves people who carpool, use green travel and those who don't. It also includes people outside a workplace such as local businesses who become active members of the program by providing rewards. The program encourages building of a community while providing a platform to Program Managers to connect to an understanding audience. more>>


Encarp is our Flagship product and unique in many ways. Encarp eases Carparking for users while making it efficient and more productive for workplace administration or commercial operators. The product deploys its unique bay booking system to allocate Car parking spaces while mapping out the Carpark as well as the business to make administration and accounting painless and easy to manage. more>>

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