Managing Employee Carparking and Lockers in Hospitals, University and Other Workplaces With Ease & Efficiency

Encarp is award wining product with proven case studies to have reduced operational time between 30-90% and millions of dollars for our clients. Encarp efficiently manages parking employee parking in Hospital, University and Other workplaces that involves tickets, Coupons etc. to manage multiple users for the same in different times. The environment involves collection of Fee from Students, Faculty, Hospital surgeons, doctors and other staff. Method of this fee collection may vary from Credit Card to Direct debit or Electronic Funds Collection.

Essence of operations lies in efficient allocation of Carparking Bays, keeping an account of tokens, coupons, passes and financial accounting. Without Encarp, this would be a nightmare or at least very time consuming exercise. There are many piecemeal solutions to manage this but encarp provides a fully integrated system to manage the parking back to front.

Some of the important features from Hospital, University and Other similar workplace use are:

- Graphical and Visual: Eases Parking Bays Allocation, Booking System, tracking of coupons, passes, tokens etc.

-Shift and Group Bookings: Easy system to book shifts, groups, parking areas depending upon user types such Student, Faculty, Surgeon, Other Campus

- FBT: Efficient System for Fringe Benefit Tax Calculation and Implementation, if applicable

- Access Card Control: Issue and Management of Access Cards, Unified cards across the campuses

- Account Top Up Systems: Enable employees and students top up their cards, apply varying business rules to parking tariff without bothering parking vendor.

- Infringement System: Implement cost effective Infringement Systems and integrate them with your and transport authority system

- Bank and Accounts Reconciliation: Reconcile your parking data and accounts with our automated, smart and quick reconciliation systems

- Payment Gateways: Integrate with any payment gateway, do not risk keeping credit card details in your systems.

- Reports: Easy Reports on Parking Use, FBT and Other day to day needed reports for various stakeholders

and many more features and functionalities to keep operations simple and save time.

Encarp parking software is easy to implement We offer the software on fixed costs to include customisation. There are no hidden costs such as need to involve IT every now and then. Encarp is offered as a hosted product complete with support and upgrade. Clients pay as per use and generally it based on par bay basis. Encarp is designed for global markets and manages Carparks located globally. As global tool, it is a big asset to maintain compliance.

Download Encarp for Employees Parking Brochure     Download Encarp for Employees Brochure - 8 MB in size

Managing Employee Lockers

Employee Locker Management is extension of Encarp. Available at a nominal cost with Encarp, Locker Management keeps a track of Locker Users, Keys and incidence management. Compared to traditional methods of MS Excel Sheets, Outlook Forms, Emails, SharePoint implementations, the product is very easy to use and provides just the right information to users in a few keystrokes of mouse clicks. Encarp Locker Management is fully graphical and can be used to manage hundreds of lockers located globally.

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