Parking Management Software for Parking Operators

Encarp is award wining product with proven case studies to have reduced operational time between 30-90% and millions of dollars for our clients. Encarp is designed to better manage parking portfolio and maximise revenues from it. Its graphical and visual displays enable parking sales people realise better revenues by enabling split second decision making.

By using Encarp, parking owners can manage hundreds of Carparks globally as if they were local. They can obtain local knowledge, pricing and compliance requirements.

Encarp provides an excellent system to manage your parking contracts with Owners and Corporate customers, Parking Costs, Revenue Realisation, Payment of Parking Dividends or charges. Most of the activities happen in a fully automated and integrated manner saving you lots of time.

From IT angle, most of our activities take place outside your corporate systems. This means that while we manage tons of data for you, your corporate system get just what they need for corporate reporting. Remaining data such as day to day use, patterns etc. is available for your data mining.

Encarp is technology company and we can implement new systems for you such as parking guidance and online booking and ticketing systems. Alternatively, you may make use of our Online Booking and Ticketing System. The system is available over mobile devices as well.

Some of main features of Encarp for Parking Owners are summed below:

- Graphical and Visual: All our products are Easy to Deploy and Use, leading to enhanced productivity

- A better way to Sell Corporate Bays: The GUI interface with information on click enables to sell parking bays in a much better fashion. Our system provides all the information on one single portal. We may be obtaining this information from disparate systems within your enterprise systems, parking data, cameras etc. We present you all this on a single portal saving you enormous amount of time and irritation in juggling between different systems. You can easily find the available bays, parking layouts to show them to clients or create reports in pdf or other formats for a quick send!

- Payment Reconciliation: Reconcile payments received from different sources using our smart algorithms. Let this number crunching happen outside your enterprise systems so that they continue to work efficiently.

- Lease Management and Payment to Owners: Quick system manage leases and payment to owners. No need to rely on lengthy reporting procedures. Keep smarts to keep a tab on all such tasks. You may also offer Owners a better utility to track their payments.

- New and Better Systems for your Clients:Economically develop new systems and procedures for your clients, sell them not just parking systems but value added services. Think about loyalty cards for your clients' use. Difficult, NO! Gets you revenue, yes.

- BE PART OF PARKMEIN: Parkmein portal offers general public a simple website that covers all parking, commercial and non commercial. Be a pioneer to sign up and see your business grow. Parkmein advantage to your would be getting digitised layouts of your Carparks and ability to quickly integrating the Carparks with newer bay management technologies. Think of being able to sell corporate Carparks after 7.00PM or on weekends! With our systems, you will be able to manage them with ease and convince your corporate clients to be part of it. Call or email us today to know more about parkmein.

- Better IT Systems: Outside Corporate Systems, Encarp manages tons of data for you for efficient management of your Carparks and efficiently providing just the right information to your managers. It records contracts, revenues and day to day activities and raises alerts. Corporate systems however get just the right information such as consolidated earnings, contracts reports etc.

- New Initiatives: With our ability to work across different technologies, parking equipment, online ticketing, payment gateways and other service providers, we deliver just the right solutions for you.

- Reports: Easy Reports on Parking Assets, Revenues, Performance and more

- SAVE AND EARN MILLIONS WITH INTEGRATION: We will integrate all systems, whether within your business or your clients' business. As our clients save millions by making their operations integrated with smarts to automate tasks, you will also unleash the power of integration and high levels of productivity. Give us your business process and we will do it all. Most IT Departments are happy to see us working with them. No rivalry here!

and many more features and functionalities to keep operations simple and save time.

Encarp parking software is easy to implement We offer the software on fixed costs to include customisation. There are no hidden costs such as need to involve IT every now and then. Encarp is offered as a hosted product complete with support and upgrade. Clients pay as per use and generally it based on par bay basis. Encarp is designed for global markets and manages Carparks located globally. As global tool, it is a big asset to maintain compliance.

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Exploit Coexl technology expertise in MS, VBA, .Net, Oracle Fusion, Oracle Middleware, RFID and Mapping Applications

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