Parking Portfolio Management Software for Parking Owners

There is nothing better and easier than Encarp to provide you insight into your parking and other assets and returns thereon. Encarp provides you a GUI system to manage your parking assets, costs, revenues and you may add other assets too. It is a simple toll designed to provide you a quick view of your holdings. The data may come from various sources.

Encarp is award wining product with proven case studies to have reduced operational time between 30-90% and millions of dollars for our clients. Encarp eases Parking Owners management by providing a visibility of their parking assets, revenue and realisations from parking operators.

Encarp is useful for parking owners who own hundreds of Carparks located in different locations with different parking operators. Diligently, Encarp will keep a track of all the Carparking assets, down to bays where applicable. This will allow Parking Owners to quickly view where the parking assets and their performance.

For Parking Assets performance, Encarp will keep a track of costs and receivables and apply them to assets. Using the software and when electronic banking statements are available, it will provide an easy system to reconcile payments and list pending

Some of main features of Encarp for Parking Owners are summed below:

- Graphical and Visual: Easy to View where your Parking Assets are, globally

- Revenues and Performance: View Received Revenues and find out Pending ones. Easily track delinquent operators

- Costing: Maintain Costing as you would like

- Reports: Easy Reports on Parking Assets, Revenues, Performance and more

and many more features and functionalities to keep operations simple and save time.

Encarp parking software is easy to implement We offer the software on fixed costs to include customisation. There are no hidden costs such as need to involve IT every now and then. Encarp is offered as a hosted product complete with support and upgrade. Clients pay as per use and generally it based on par bay basis. Encarp is designed for global markets and manages Carparks located globally. As global tool, it is a big asset to maintain compliance.

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