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As Encarp moved deeper into parking management, Parking Surveys have become an important part of its business. While we develop intelligent systems to carry out parking surveys, we have developed an alliance with Skyhigh Data Australia Pty Ltd. This alliance enables have Parking Survey experts on our side who understand parking survey and our business. This enables us customers provide better value for money as our surveys offer the following advantages:

- Future and Innovations in Mind: Every day technology is becoming advanced. When we carry out surveys, we keep in mind what could be your requirements in future. You may not have planned it but we look at sensors, parking guidance systems, intelligence traffic management and many related issues. Our report remains concise at that point in time but is helpful when you engage us again in managing parking better.

- Better Management of Current Data: We provide you current data in a format that is easy to incorporate in your systems. It saves you time and effort in collating and assimilating this data. By engaging us, you are in a better position to make use of parking data.

- Innovative Technologies and Systems for Quicker and Reliable Parking Surveys: We make use of innovative technologies and systems to carry out parking surveys. This saves you cost and time. This may mean using mobile camera technology and other semi-automatic systems.

- Integrate Parking Surveys Direct with your GIS: We will integrate parking survey process direct with your GIS. This will save you enormous amount of time in data validation and verification.

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