Parking Solutions for Facility Managers, Property Managers, Parking Owners and Parking Operators

Encarp is award wining product with proven case studies to have reduced operational time between 30-90% and millions of dollars for our clients. Over the past 6 years, Encarp has proven itself to be an important tool for better management of parking. Encarp tremendously enhances efficiency for parking, Locker and other space management requirements.

Through its ease of use, it enhances productivity and reduces stress in day to day work. Through Encarp, typical savings in terms of operational time and costs have been phenomenal. It is now a must have system to keep systems smooth and easy for running and reporting.

The Encarp core product capitalises on its efficient space booking system as applied to parking bays, lockers, Server racks and other spaces that need be easily accounted for. Absence of this accounting leads to waste of space assets. In business, corporate or government, these could be expensive while in hospitals, universities these could be critical.

Encarp provides a very visual and graphical system that automates routine tasks, While implementing Encarp, we carefully find out workflows and proactively work with clients to provide information on best practice systems. It is for this reason, once implemented, the systems provide unprecedented efficiency. As our offering cover upgrade ad support, we continue to evolve the implementation with you to make it more efficient.

Based on Encarp, our Parking Solutions for the following are further explained in the following sections:

- Car Parking and Locker Management Software for Facility Managers - more>>

- Parking and Locker Management Software for Property Managers - more>>

- Parking Management Software for Parking Owners - more>>

- Parking Management Software for Parking Operators

Encarp parking software is easy to implement We offer the software on fixed costs to include customisation. There are no hidden costs such as need to involve IT every now and then. Encarp is offered as a hosted product complete with support and upgrade. Clients pay as per use and generally it based on par bay basis. Encarp is designed for global markets and manages Carparks located globally. As global tool, it is a big asset to maintain compliance.

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