Managing Employee Carparking

Encarp is designed to ease parking management for employees. The employees may belong to a Corporate Business, Government, Hospital, University or other workplaces. While the parking management requirements are similar, are there some differences  between employees within Government, Business and those in Hospitals and Universities.

Encarp is an easy to implement system. It does not involve any upfront costs such as customisation or hidden costs such as need to involve IT every now and then. Encarp is offered as a hosted product based on an annual fee that included support and upgrade. The annual fee is based on use of the product measured in terms of bays. This is very cost effective because a bay may be used by many users.

Our Technical and Commercial model eases cost management for our clients by having a fixed cost for multi-year contracts. While fixing costs, we ease parking management and  operations for Facility Managers and Property Managers in workplaces. By doing so, we maximise use of carparks and reduce overall parking costs. The following sections explain Encarp as applied to the following parkings:

- Encarp for Corporate and Government Parking: Parking more >>

- Encarp for Hospital, University and Other Workplaces Parking more>>

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